Chairman’s Corner: “Non-violence is our dogma.”

Dear Friends of House of Hope,

Every night, our children in Palestine dream of waking up to a day without violence and suffering. House of Hope exists to make this dream a reality.

We come to work at our school and community center to change the way our students respond to the world around them. We educate them on daily basis about the tools of peaceful resilience and artistic resistance. Non-violence is our dogma. Everything we do is driven by our mission to spread love, forgiveness, prayer, tolerance, peace, joy and education.

Despite serious obstacles, House of Hope is still here, in the village of Al-Eizariya where we live and work in faith. Yes, our young students are surrounded by abuse, uncertainty, soldiers, walls and segregation. But do not lose hope. We are nurturing students to become ambassadors  of peace. In five years, with our steadfast support, they will be real peace builders for Israel and Palestine.

When you support House of Hope you are making an investment in the future of Palestine and Israel. It is for our children, our future, that we sacrifice without fear. Only for them are we steadfast. Only for them do we smile. Only for them do we shed tears. Only for them will we do everything in our power to keep House of Hope open. We devote our lives to these children because they deserve to be like the rest children all over the world- happy and free.

It is time to see the sun rise again without fear.
It is time to love our neighbors with forgiveness.
It is time to plant flowers throughout our communities.
It is time to sing for life, future and liberty.

We seek justice and love under one sky.

Salam, peace, shalom,

Milad Vosgueritchian, co-founder and director at House of Hope

November 2017

The Vosgueritchian Family: Manar Wahhab vosgueritchian, co-founder and development director at House of Hope; Milad Vosgueritchian, co-founder and director at House of Hope; Neshan Vosgueritchian; Narineh Vosgueritchian