Get to Know…Ellan Jaradat

Ellan Jaradat is a 8 year old boy living near House of Hope school in Al-Eizariya, a small village east of Jerusalem. Ellan joined House of Hope when he was four years old and unable to focus enough to participate in classroom activities. Four years later, he is now in the 2nd grade and a thriving student.

Ellan was born in Abu Dis, a Palestinian suburb of Jerusalem and a hot bed of daily clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians. Ellan’s parents, Sufian and Samaher, moved Ellan to Al-Eizariya when he was a toddler. Ellan’s parents are facing divorce and extremely low income.

Sufian is blind and unable to find work that accommodates his disability and is forced to beg in the streets of Eizariya. His mother, Samaher, completed only the 4th grade in school and cleans houses to pay for necessities. People close to Ellan’s family describe his home life as “unstable” and “in survival mode”.

In contrast to his unstable home life, Ellan’s teachers at House of Hope: Yasmin, Amal, Reem, Shreen, work diligently to surround him with unconditional love and frequent reminders of his unique beauty and inherent value. Ellan eagerly participates in music and art therapy and is always enthusiastically engaged in Milad Vosgueritchian’s “Children of God” teachings about creating a harmonious world through love and service.