Get to Know…Lames Romman and Abdallah Jaber


Lames Romman and Abdallah Jaber are 4th-grade students at House of Hope.

Both are eight years old and have been inseparable since they first came to House of Hope five years ago as kindergartners.

Below, find out a little more about Lames and Abdallah!




About Lamese

Lamese is eight years old and is excelling in academics at House of Hope’s 4th grade. She is also a natural public speaker, delivering speeches and welcoming notes at the annual graduation and other school events. Lames enjoys dancing with her friends at school and caring for the Throwing Seeds garden.


About Abdallah

Abdallah Jamar is eight years old and has called House of Hope his home since he started kindergarten five years ago. Now a 4th grader, Abdallah has been struggling with cardiac problems throughout his childhood. However, he is still able to dance with his classmates at House of Hope, which brings him great joy. He receives a scholarship to attend House of Hope.