Teacher Q and A with Mr. William- the Director of the School and Music Teacher

Q and A with Mr. William

Q: What are your roots?

A: I was born in Jerusalem and I grew up in the old city of Jerusalem. My roots are half Armenian half Palestinian, my father is a survivor form the Armenian Genocide since 1912 -1915. He came a refugee to Palestine in 1918 as orphan in the Armenian quarter of  Jerusalem .

Q: Before you began work at House of Hope, you were a musician. What instruments did you play? Please describe your musical career.

A: I was specialized as violinist but i played the oud instrument. I am a composer and writer.

Q: Why do you believe in House of Hope?

A: I believe in this house because it is a house of peace non violence and education. House of hope brought back my old dreams, and it gave thousands of kids and youth a goal. It promotes arts and music as a tool for trauma healing. It gives people life.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at House of Hope?

A: To see the kids smiling playing learning singing and dancing. Being a teacher the most, being with kids, being with the team and learn all together new ways of development the educational system.

Q: What do you enjoy most about Palestinian culture?

A: Dabka dance, poetry and food