Who We Are

House of Hope History

Locally referred to as Vision Association for Culture and Arts (VACA), House of Hope was cofounded by Milad Vosgueritchian and Manar Wahhab Vosgueritchian in 2008 as a community center for young Palestinian children coping with the stress of the surrounding Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A non-political, non-governmental organization, House of Hope serves the Palestinian villages of Al-Eizariya, Abu-Dees and Al-Sawahra in the eastern suburbs of Jerusalem.

House of Hope’s primary mission is to build agents of peace through early childhood education and trauma healing, Palestinian cultural heritage celebration, and an overarching commitment to nonviolence. By nurturing these concepts within their community, House of Hope hopes to contribute to the health and well-being of Palestinian children and women caught in the crosshairs of the conflict.

Timeline of key House of Hope achievements:

    • Over 10,000 local children have participated in House of Hope community center after school and summer school art, music and outdoor education activities, since its opening in 2008. Hundreds of women have participated in trauma healing circles and yoga classes at House of Hope.
    • Over 170 children have graduated from House of Hope elementary school since its opening in 2014.
    • In January 2018, House of Hope announced its new environmental education program, “Throwing Seeds.”
  • In partnership with Supporting Hope, a 501c3 organization dedicated to supporting the work of House of Hope, a new website and Facebook page were launched in 2018.