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7 Concepts For Coexistence in The Holy Land

House of Hope is a uniquely diverse community, where both Muslim and Christian staff and students study and heal together. Cofounders Milad and Manar Vosgueritchian embrace this diversity as a foundation for peacebuilding and community resilience. Religious holidays from different monotheistic religions are celebrated and students are taught to embrace opportunities […]

{VIDEO} Get to Know…Ez Alden

Ez Alden is a 4.5 year old boy in the kindergarten at House of Hope. Ez cannot use his legs and relies on a wheelchair. His mother is unable to find employment, and his father is a metalworker. His parents, concerned that they would not find a school that would accommodate […]

Get to Know…Ellan Jaradat

Ellan Jaradat is a 8 year old boy living near House of Hope school in Al-Eizariya, a small village east of Jerusalem. Ellan joined House of Hope when he was four years old and unable to focus enough to participate in classroom activities. Four years later, he is now in […]