What We Do

House of Hope nurtures the well being of young Palestinian children caught in the crosshairs of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Founded in 2008 as a community youth center in the West Bank village of Al-Eizariya, House of Hope expanded in 2014 when it opened a trauma-informed elementary school for young children experiencing cyclical regional violence and household poverty. House of Hope students learn healthy skills for coping with trauma, such as art and music expression, therapeutic body movement and other self-esteem affirming activities. Students also practice Nonviolent Communication, a healing approach to conflict resolution and communication, and embrace cultural diversity and coexistence as a strategy for peacebuilding. House of Hope also promotes self-empowerment for women through educational workshops and vocational training courses.

Locally referred to as Vision Association for Culture and Arts (VACA), House of Hope is a non-political, non-governmental organization and is registered with the Palestinian Ministry of Education, Palestinian Ministry of the Interior, and Palestinian Ministry of Culture. Supporting Hope is a United States 501(c)3 dedicated to promoting House of Hope’s vital work for children and women. The Supporting Hope tax identification number is 81-2842786.