Our Partners

The Global Immersion Project (TGIP) is a peacemaking training organization that is connecting people of faith to our divided world in restorative ways.
Our immersive learning approach offers access to seemingly inaccessible global & domestic conflicts, where the conflict is the classroom, and the peacemakers embedded within are our teachers. Our goal is to reintegrate peacemaking into our shared human vocation and, in so doing, mobilize influencers and restorative communities of faith throughout the United States as instruments of peace. For more information, visit: https://globalimmerse.org
ReGeneration is an organization that advances peace-building
through innovative approaches to the education, development and resilience of young children in crisis zones so they are able to imagine and create a better future. To learn more, visit: http://regenerationeducation.org/
The Alliance for Middle East Peace secures and scales up funding to expand trust- building interactions between Palestinians and Israelis. We provide capacity-building support and visibility to amplify the voices and impact of our member organizations in the region. We connect individuals and groups to create a critical mass that live and act in support of peace. For more information, visit: www.allmep.org
The Spirit of Childhood Alliance is a global coalition of leaders in trauma-informed education united to mitigate the damaging effects of toxic stress on children in crisis zones.